Playtime – What’s that?

The challenge word for week three was “playtime”.  It made me stop and think, just what is playtime?   According to the dictionary it is a noun meaning “Time for play or recreation”. If you Google “playtime” you come across hits for the definition, the movie, games, why it’s good for kids to have playtime, and the list went on for 29,100,000 results. I did not look at all of them. 🙂 Wow, that’ s alot of pages for something that should be simple and innant.

I downloaded some photos I took yesterday of the one of our cats. Her name is Socks. She is stray we took in as a kitten. (That was – my gosh 10 years ago!) As a kitten she was a pest! She would harass and stalk anything. We use a covered litter box and the other cats could not use the litter box with out her sitting on top taking swipes at them. She has mellowed with age. (Thank Goodness!!) Her idea of playtime these days is to hide in boxes and wait for someone to come find her.

As adults, I think so many of us have forgotten what “playtime” means. We’ re so busy being caught up in life that we’ve forgotten how to live, and laugh. Maybe, Socks knows something that I don’t.

So in homage to “playtime” I present “Socks in a Box”.


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