What is Comfort?

This week’s challenge word is “comfort“. I thought, well, that should be easy, really.  Comfort means a variety of things: To soothe in time of affliction or distress. To ease physically; relieve. A condition or feeling of pleasurable ease, well-being, and contentment. 

Comfort may refer to:
Comfort, California
Comfort, Texas
Old Point Comfort, Virginia
Point Comfort, Quebec

There are many people with the last name Comfort:
Alex Comfort, a British medical professional, anarchist, pacifist, and writer; Louis Comfort Tiffany, an American artist and designer and Comfort Fedoke, contestant on So You Think You Can Dance 4 just to name a few.

There are Naval vessels from several nations with  “Comfort” (or a connotation of comfort) in their name.

There’s comfort food, comfort zone, Southern Comfort, riding in comfort and according to  Jane Austen “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort“.

For some,  comfort may be having your loved ones around you, ice cream,  the latest iPhone, the ability of being who you are without explaining yourself. Or sadly for some,  it’s having a safe place to sleep and a warm meal in their tummy.

But, how to capture comfort in a photo? Hmm. I took the easy, comfortable route. I didn’t step out of my comfort zone, I chose a picture of 2 of our cats. To me they are a comfort. Perhaps as I grow as a photographer (can I call myself that?) I will be able to seek out what is uncomfortable like:

Anyway, here is one of my comforts:

TR and Inks

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