The Path Taken

Several years ago my husband worked in Worcester, Massachusetts. I was still working in Texas, so we would take turns flying back and forth between the two states. He could come home and get his fix for fajitas and I would fly there  and get my fix for clam chowder 🙂 yum!

Since he had never been to the northeast at all, on my weekends there, we would try and take day trips to sight-see.  Unfortunately most of the days it rained. It had to be one of the rainiest years Massachusetts had!

We decided to drive to Sterling to check out some of the antique shops. I positively love old things. They speak volumes… Anyway, back to the story… After wandering through the shops we started back to the car and  noticed a trail marker.  It wasn’t pouring rain, just a drizzle and decided that it would be a nice change of pace to be outside for a little bit… 

The Sterling Rail Trail is part of the Massachusetts Central Rail Trail. For a more thorough explanation of their goals here’s a link:

The short section we walked was very nice. It was paved and well maintained. It is 1.7 miles – Sterling Center to Gates Road, Sterling section. You can park at the Old Sterling Cider Mill next to Oh My Gosh Antiques.

So we walked along the trail, I’m snapping photos as I go – when I can    as there were some other folks out walking. Up to this point,  I always tried to be rather inconspicuous in my photo taking. We came upon the brightest orange little mushroom I had ever seen. It made me stop. So I bent over to take the photo and people were coming up the trail. My husband starting saying “Dear, there’s people coming”. “Dear, there’s people getting closer….” “Dear, hurry…” So I stood up and moved to the side… By the way it is a large trail… They could have gotten by…

Once again, I bent over to take the picture, and more people were approaching. “Dear, there’s people….” I looked up and said “They can get by, I’m going to take my picture”. And so I did. People watched, they looked to see what I was looking at and walked on. The world did not stop turning, however the skies did open up. However,  I think that was more of the weather issue than a statement on my taking a photo. The photo didn’t turn out great, but this was the turning point where my husband decided to shake his head, smile and wander on, whilst I scampered about taking photos. This is the path taken… I am looking forward to seeing where it will lead.

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2 thoughts on “The Path Taken

  1. So Green ! Got to love our non-photog buddies. They just don’t get it. This takes time and allows us to slow down and smell the roses. Next time, give hubby one to play with !

    • I was amazed at the colors. It was fall, but still so green. Poor Hubby, he’s so busy being healthy he misses out on so much. I would love for him to pick up a camera, but he really has no interest 😦 So we agree to disagree on the speed of our walks and we each benefit. His health, my soul…

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