J. Harrington was a well-known gambler who plied his trade in the 100 block of Royal Street in the early part of the 20th century and obviously gained his nickname by maintaining a poker face, never cracking a smile. After having a particularly good night, he was headed to his home on Constance Street in July of 1924 when he was gunned down while driving his car, then crashing into a utility pole. His tomb is unique because it features a bronze woman grieving in front of the tomb and laying a spray of roses at the entrance. An interesting sidelight: the judge handling Never Smile’s succession refused to approve the expense for the tomb, saying it was not commensurate with the size of the estate. That did not halt the construction of the tomb for his wife, being married to a gambler, likely knew of assets not known to the judge. The tomb was paid for in cash, what most gamblers deal in.


Never Smile Harrington

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