Awards – Oh My…

Wow – being a new blogger, it is truly an honor to be nominated for anything. I’m just tickled that people are enjoying what I post. I love being able to share places I’ve been and experiences I’ve had. This is a much needed creative outlet for me. So thank you everyone for sharing in that outlet 🙂

I would like to thank  Tales and Travels of the Tinman and Finn Holding The Naturephile who graciously nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award and Ann Novek -With Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors who nominated me for Blog on Fire Award. So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! If you aren’t familiar with their blogs please go check them out! Tales and Travels is a witty and truly charming blogger. Her posts make me smile and think. Finn has a fantastic blog about his encounters with nature and wildlife in and around Cambridgeshire. His posts are smart and humorous (something that I admire) and his photos are breathtaking. Ann’s blog showcases her passion about Sweden, birds and the growing environmental issues at hand.

Blogs that I would like to pass these awards on to – in no particular order (and when I say photos instead of photographs please understand I mean no disrespect and am not making your work something less than it is, I’m just shortening cause I don’t like typing ) 🙂

  1. The Tattered Thread – Rob has wonderful photos and is quite the writer.
  2. Humbled Pie – Southern living, photography, cooking and good ol’ fashioned story telling.
  3. The Chromogenic – Justin is a New York based industrial designer and photographer. He is passionate about his love of film photography and it shows. His work is beautiful.
  4. Wilden Marsh – Mike is chronicling Wilden Marsh. His daily exploits and photos take me to another world.
  5. Four Winds Haiga – Sandy combines two of her loves – poetry and photography. Serenely beautiful…
  6. The Laughing Bunny – Jamie is quick witted in his posts and his photos are divine. His tag line “everything is funny from the right perspective” speaks for itself.
  7. A Trace of Place – beautiful photos!
  8. Patterns of Nature – Bethany has wonderful photos and really emphasizes the patterns and textures of nature in her work.  I enjoy that her photos ask us to look beyond a “pretty photo” and see something more.
  9. Po’Boy Livin’ Rich – New Orleans is his home, and his blog is about cookin’, eatin’, livin’ readin’, travelin’ and watchin’ in New Orleans and beyond. His latest post about cornbread in an iron skillet took me right home…
  10. Bekas + – Andreas showcases Greece in his photos. His work whisks me away – better than a Calgon bubblebath 🙂
  11. Paintedmeadows – Rhonda -Lynne in northern Alberta Canada shares with us her life  through her photos. She helps me remember that you don’t have to go very far for photo inspiration.
  12. Project 365 by Kenneth Todd – Ken’s photos and explanations just make me smile!
  13. Earthstonestation – Dohn’s blog is all about the beauty of nature. With his posts I feel that he encourages us to step back, breathe and remember what’s important in life.
  14. Gardening in the Lines – Erin from Ontario has a wonderful blog about her foray into creating a garden for their new home.
  15. S.Z. Photo – Sandi is an aspiring photographer. His maritime photos make me miss sailing and the sea sooo much 🙂

Now on to the hard stuff – Random things about myself-

  • I’m a sucker for the ocean, waterfalls, bodies of water, rainstorms –  if it involves moving bodies of water I’m there. I had a Weimaraner named Storm and what a sweet girl she was! She loved water and was my canoeing buddy – life vest and all. I’m not sure who salivated more over rapids –  me or her.
  • I’m dyslexic.
  • If I had a do-over I’d be an archaeologist. I know it’s not glamorous as it seems but I find it fascinating.
  • I love a good burger.
  • I hate housework. Fortunately, I have a very understanding and loving husband! Love you Dear (I”m not just saying this cause he occasionally reads my blog).
  • Dad was in the Army so we moved around a lot. I was born in Idaho, but consider the Canal Zone home.
  • I love vintage sports cars. Can you say Zoom-Zoom?
  • Don’t ask my opinion if you don’t want to hear it.
  • I have horrible handwriting. Sister Maria Ave would be so disappointed!
  • As a child I didn’t like my food on my plate to touch. Actually, I kinda haven’t out grown that. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Famous Bowls make me cringe… (LOL)
  • And lastly – I like my peace and quiet time – alone. And often….

So there it is, my deepest, darkest secrets… Out there and in public…  Well not all – a girl has to have some secrets 😉

Thank you one and all who stop by my blog. I appreciate you all!

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12 thoughts on “Awards – Oh My…

  1. Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Lois Farley Shuford on said:

    Thank you, Stephanie! I’m honored that you’ve passed these awards on to my photo blog, a trace of place.
    Glad to get to know your site, and have been enjoying your posts!

  3. Wow ! Thank you, Stephanie ! I’m honoured that you enjoy my blog and have passed these awards on to me.
    It’s nice to get to know you a little better. You have a wonderful !

  4. Many congratulations on your awards Stephanie, I look forward to checking out some of your nominees.

    • Thank you, sorry for the delay. I am down to typing one handed hunt and peck. Nothing serious, just inconvenient as all get out… I love your posts, and they have inspired me to exploring different teas and actually taking time out more often for a good cuppa!

      • Sorry to hear that Stephanies, and I sympathise. It’s very frustrating when you’re reduced to that typing technique, as I know myself. Thank you for your kind comments, I’m always so chuffed when I see you’ve liked something on my Facebook page, you’re a constant source of encouragement to me, thank you.

  5. Congratulations on your nominations! You deserve them.

    It’s lovely to learn more about you as well!

    I love love love water too… I’ve never lived near it, but always longed to. I’m hoping to move near the sea by the end of the year, my idea of heaven. I also used to want to be an archeologist, back when I was too little to know how to spell it. I still think back wistfully on what fun it might have been.

    Congratulations again!

    • Thank you, It’s good to hear from you. Glad to hear of another kindred soul (LOL) I would love to live near the sea, don’t know if that will ever happen. I try not to dwell on the what if’s but sometime I do get nostalgic and think on what might have been… Just day dreaming 🙂

  6. my new friend!
    you’re on a roll, which is making me smile! how can i NOT have a great painting session this morning? thank you so much for your thumbs up and approval of my ramblings!
    i hope that it’s a great day for you as well!

  7. Congrats! And thanks for following my blog! Now I can follow you 🙂

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