Across Shades of Blue

Across shades of blue
Head is heavy
Warm pool of sunshine
Day begins again

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7 thoughts on “Across Shades of Blue

  1. Beautiful flower, beautiful photography, beautiful words.

  2. Beautiful contrast!!
    Love the detail

  3. Wow! While I was wandering an Ecuadorian farm this morning, you left a calling card on my blog! What a great treasure to find this blue hydrangea waiting to smile at me! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I grew up in Mississippi and lived in Louisiana as well, so your posts will keep me connected! Grrrrrracias! Z

    • I am enjoying your blog. Honestly what brought me to your blog was your gravatar. I lived in the Canal Zone for about 10 years- I love molas. And I collect khamsas, so I had to see what your blog was about. You are so very creative. Glad to be able to help keep you in touch. De Nada y Mucho Gusto 🙂

      • Hey!
        Gracias! In three weeks I have a museum opening in Manta Ecuador. “The Mola Series – Fusion de Arte Contemporaneo y Antigua” is going to be a lot of fun! (I’m glad you liked the gravatar)! Z

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