Mad Rushing Trip

Finally, a post. I had planned on posting more consistently, but somehow time has slipped up on me. Business reared it’s ugly head lately and I haven’t had the inclination to write or post, but here’s a few photos I snapped on a rush business trip I took to Virginia. I was in Bristol Virginia for a few days doing some consulting work. I really didn’t have alot of quality time for photos but I wanted to share what I did capture because Bristol is a quaint little town. The photos are not the greatest, no time for composition or thinking, just hurry up, take the picture and get back in the car.

Bristol is interesting as it  is the twin city of Bristol, Tennessee, just across the state line, which runs down the middle of its main street, State Street.

Bristol was recognized as the “Birthplace of Country Music,” according to a resolution passed by the US Congress in 1998; residents of the city had contributed to early country music recordings and influence. In 1927 Ralph Peer of Victor Records began recording local musicians in Bristol to attempt to capture the local sound of traditional ‘folk’ music of the region. One of these local sounds was created by the Carter family. The Carter Family got their start on July 31, 1927, when A.P. Carter and his family journeyed from Maces Spring, Virginia, to Bristol, Tennessee, to audition for record producer Ralph Peer who was seeking new talent for the relatively embryonic recording industry. They received $50 for each song they recorded.

On the way home we made a quick pit stop in Asheville, NC. Once again, just snapping photos as quick as I could.

I found Bristol to be a clean, quiet little town but still had amenities and of course, Asheville is amazing! I wish I had more time to do them justice. Hope you enjoy some of the scenery of my mad rushing trip 😉

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10 thoughts on “Mad Rushing Trip

  1. Asheville seems really nice, and like a good place to raise a family! I have never been to NC or VA, but really want to go! I could definitely see myself living there, for some reason!

  2. Bella Remy Photography on said:

    Wonderful to see you! Like the water and dock photos

  3. This place looks so empty! haha! I love them you did a great job making everything look so artistic and pretty 🙂

  4. Yeah, it was about 6am, so no one was out. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  5. State Street looks like a pleasant place for a stroll and I love the yellow truck! Is there any connection with the city of Bristol in England, I wonder?

    • I’m not sure – the town historians don’t say. I wondered the same thing. Following is what they told me. Before 1852, what is now the heart of the City of Bristol Tennessee/Virginia was part of the vast plantation of Rev. James King. Rev. King had a son-in-law, Mr. Joseph R. Anderson, then a merchant of Blountville, Tennessee, who when learning that two railroads would meet upon the King land, foresaw that the site would be ideal for the founding of a city.

      On July 10, 1852, Anderson contracted for 100 acres of the King plantation: forty-eight acres in Tennessee and fifty-two acres in Virginia. On July 16, 1852, he chose the name “Bristol” for his planned city, narrowly edging out the name “Paradise” by only one point.

  6. It looks like a real place. A town. A refreshing place as opposed to the dreaded Miami, my home since 1954.

  7. Nice collection and helpful narrative. I liked the Alleyway and Renovated Loft Space, good use of diagonal/angular line photography. Adds depth and perspective.

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