So about me…

As I said, I love photography… I began taking photos at a young age. My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic 104 with the little flashy cube on top (Shhh, I know that dates me, but we won’t mention age).  I was the geeky little kid, running around taking snapshots of everything I could. Nothing was sacred –  Mom in hair curlers, Dad snoring in the recliner, my brother trying to kiss his girlfriend… (If I had only known what I was doing….)

But now, to me, photographs are a collaborative  effort to tell a story by the person behind the camera and the person looking at the photograph. It’s a creative process for all involved.

When I hold my camera (some would say lovingly embrace) I am excited about the possibilities that wait for me through the view finder… What will I find? My husband smiles, shakes his head and wanders on as I stand, kneel, crouch,  perch and wait for the picture to talk to me.

For more of my photos you can go to:


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  1. Oh, don’t mention it. I enjoy checking out the latest photography posts via Word Press and I saw your photos and they’re pretty cool. When did you take the Alabama photos? Looks like a great time of year.

  2. Thanks, I enjoy photography, am trying to learn. I took the photos just this past Saturday, Jan. 28. We’ve had really nice weather. I’m hoping to go back later in spring to catch some seasonal changes. Hopefully will have another lens other than the kit lens that came on the camera.

  3. Some really beautiful photos here. Thanks for following my blog. I’m looking forward to following yours.

  4. your photos are wonderful. i also enjoy the layout ant presentation of your site.

  5. I love the way you see the world, and frame up the extraordinary inside the ordinary. Beautiful!

  6. Hello Stephanie, thanks for visiting ‘thenaturephile’ and leaving a ‘like’ message. I’m really glad you did because now I’ve found your blog and I’ve been really enjoying reading about the South, and you have some terrific photographs too. Your posts about Beans Mill and Fort Pike made fascinating reading and I’m looking forward to some more history from your part of the world.

    Best wishes


    (PS Do you have a ‘Follow’ button so I can keep up to date? Maybe I didn’t look hard enough but I couldn’t see it)

    • Hi Finn,
      Thank you so much! I love old places and history. Some of my favorite memories are of my parents taking me to museums,historical buildings and such. I’m glad I am able to share part of my world. I think the “Follow” button is at the top of the blog up by my name. Let me know if it’s not.
      Thanks again, I look forward to your reading your blog.

      • Hello Steff, you’re more than welcome, you have a fine blog.

        There is a follow button up there, which I checked, but when I’ve tried it before on other blogs it doesn’t seem to do much. You haven’t appeared in my ‘Blogs I Follow’ list and I don’t think it sends email updates either. But I know where you are and I’ll keep coming back anyway.



  7. Dear Steph,

    I had the good fortune of discovering your blog through Finn (above). Your layout looks wonderful and I hope to revisit for viewing pleasure!


  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, your blog is also very beautiful¡

  9. You are hereby nominated to receive The Versatile Blogger award! Please go to to see the official posting of your nomination. Please enjoy the award, it is well deserved. Much Love, The Tin Man

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  11. Greetings! Because I love your blog so much and consider you an important part of my blogging life, I have selected you to receive the SunShine Award. Please check out my blog at to see the announcement.
    Best Regards, The Tin Man

  12. Can you speak Indonesian? if you could answer a question that is on my blog

  13. I love your passion for photography! You sound a lot like me HAHA! Thank you so much for following me! you are a great photographer and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  14. So just yesterday I pondered how many people would ever go back and actually read/look at older posts from archives unless a search brought them to that page. Today you proved that some people actually take time to explore and appreciate the older posts. I am honored and humbled and wish I could meet you and thank you in person! May sunshine and smiles greet you through the rest of your day! Lisa/Z

  15. You tell a story very well, with your photos and your words. I love what you said about photography being a creative process for everyone involved, the photographer and the viewer, that’s a very good way of putting it and, along with many others, I appreciate the way you share your photos with your viewers.

    • Lorna, thank you for such kind words. I really do appreciate all the kind comments. It tickles me pink that you with your gift for words and writing “likes” my posts. It makes my day. Thank you 🙂

  16. Thank you for coming to follow…… know that he is The Tin Man…… you know another secret about OZ!

  17. Your images are lovely, especially the shades of blue, which burns in my memory without having to return to it for a refresher! You’re now nominated for The Beautiful Blogger Award!

  18. I really like the reference to embracing the camera. I think of it more as ‘caressing’. 🙂

    I also like the trivia that accompanies your photos, always helpful in appreciating the pictures better.

    • Thank you, I like ‘caressing’ also 🙂 It is a love affair.
      I try to help my photos out with commentary – sometimes you have to have insight into the thought process or just being there.
      Thanks again,

      • Truly. A picture might speak a thousand words. But I think, a few words + a photo speaks a million words. 🙂

        A beautiful picture in the hands of a skilful narrator is a delight, to the eyes, and the mind!

        Keep it up!

  19. Thank you for following HoB. Much appreciated! I’ll be hanging around here…

  20. Love your blog ! I have an award for you at my place. Please stop by and check it out ! Bella

  21. Herman on said:

    Thanks for all the ‘likes’ on HoB. I really appreciate this!

  22. Thank you for LIKING OUR POST-


  23. reblogged your quote. Thanks it is inspiring.

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